Checklist for Participants

This document was prepared by the folks at Amuse Labs in an effort to help players diagnose and address web interface issues.

1. Please ensure that ad blockers, script blockers and privacy browser extensions have been turned off during the tournament.

2. Visit the sample puzzles page and check if the letters in the puzzle are appearing properly. If any letters are misaligned or getting cut off (for example, Es looking like Fs), then the minimum font size on your browser might have been set too high. Here is how to reduce it:

  • If you are using Chrome or Edge browser, please go to Browser Settings > Appearance > Customize Fonts, and reduce the minimum font size.
  • If you are using Safari browser, please go to Browser Settings > Preferences > Advanced, and reduce the value under the “Never use font sizes smaller than” option.
  • If you are using Firefox browser, please go to Settings > General. Under the Fonts and Colors section, click on the Advanced button. In the dialog box, set the “Minimum Font Size” option to None.

You may have to reload the page for the settings to apply.

3. Set your puzzle settings (skipping over filled letters, using Space key etc.) on the sample puzzles. If your puzzle settings are not being saved, here are some possible ways to address the problem:

  • If you use Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers, if feasible, please allow third party cookies in your browser during the tournament. You could also whitelist the domain.
  • If you are using the Safari browser on a Mac computer, if feasible, go to Settings > Privacy. In the Privacy menu, uncheck the “Prevent cross-site tracking” option.

You might have to restart your browser for the settings to take effect. 

4. If you reload the page, and the timer restarts and the grid is empty (your previously entered letters are not shown), please follow the steps suggested in point 3 above.