Puzzle Suite

Every year at Lollapuzzoola, we present a puzzle suite – a collection of several different puzzles that all work together to yield one final answer.

This year, the suite was designed by David Gold and Paolo Pasco. The rest of us at Lollapuzzoola haven’t seen it, but we trust that David and Paolo are on top of things. We’re sure you’ll enjoy whatever they have in store for you.

The puzzles are available for download in a PDF file. You can print it at home and solve on paper – although a lot of the content can be worked out on blank paper without even printing anything. Whatever works best for you.

You’re also welcome to team up with friends and submit an answer as a group. The prize (which will be awarded to one winning person or group, randomly selected from those who submit correct answers) is a year’s subscription to P&A Magazine.

When you think you know the final answer, you can submit it here.

Good luck, and have fun!