… we’re live!

Lollapuzzoola, the “greatest crossword tournament ever to be held annually on a Saturday in August” is returning this summer — Saturday, August 19th in New York City. Join us for a day of puzzles and games!

Fingers crossed, the new online “storefront” for Lollapuzzoola is working as intended. You could be one of the first people to sign up for this summer’s grand affair. Tickets are available now! Click through for information and tickets.

… and we’re out! (well, almost)

Quick post to say a big group THANK YOU to everyone who was part of Lollapuzzoola this year. Whether you played online or in person, whether you’re getting the puzzles tomorrow or a week from now, whether you wrote puzzles, edited puzzles, worked backstage, worked offscreen, worked on screen, did grading, Google Tickets, ordered lunch, or just walked up to Brian, Sid, and Brooke, and said “hey, this is fun!” —

WHOEVER YOU ARE, we thank you from the bottomest parts of our collective hearts. It was so rewarding and fulfilling to get back into a room with all of you again, and we are eternally grateful for your good cheer, your solving prowess, and your support for our wacky little Saturday in August.

If you haven’t yet enjoyed the Lollapuzzoola puzzles — it’s not too late! You can still order a set, which will come via email in the form of PUZ and PDF files. It’s the full slate of tournament puzzles, the tiebreaker, the rehearsal puzzles, plus the two meta suites. Click the BUY NOW button below to get a complete set for just $20.


Keep an eye on your email — you’ll get something from the name Lollapuzzoola and the email address client@e-junkie.com. If you don’t see your email right away, search your spam or trash for that address.

Thanks for being a part of Lollapuzzoola!

Useful links

It seems we left a link out of an email this morning, so here is a list of all of the links that will be useful to you in advance of tomorrow’s tournament.

We’re live!

Lollapuzzoola – the greatest crossword tournament ever held annually on a Saturday in August – is back on Saturday, August 27! We’re running concurrent events in New York City and online, so sign up today! You can join us in person, compete online, or solve calmly at your leisure (either online or via PUZ and PDF files).

If you want to try some sample puzzles, we have four of them.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 27, 2022, and start making plans to join us in New York for the return of an in-person Lollapuzzoola!

We’ve just opened our box office for tickets to this year’s event. You can join us in person, compete online, or solve calmly at your leisure (either online or via PUZ and PDF files).

Click here for more information and to purchase tickets!

If you already got a ticket for the online tournament – have you registered an account with our website? Go to the blue text above and choose either Login (to see if you can) or Register (to set it up). You’ll need this to access our puzzles!

Hope you’ll consider joining us for some great crossword fun at Lollapuzzoola!