Next Day Tickets

We had to close the box office on the tournament tickets … I mean, the thing starts in just a few hours, and we have lots of other stuff to panic about.

But you can still buy the Next Day ticket — that’s all the puzzle content from the tournament delivered by email in both PUZ and PDF form. It’ll be available on Sunday, but you can get the ticket right now. Click here and look for the blue BUY NOW button.

Totally unfair vague squeal

It’s so mean, because we’re not going to tell you any details. But we just spent some time this weekend going over the Lolla puzzles, and holy guacamole, they are awesome. (“Holy guacamole” is not a hint toward anything, we assure you.)

All the puzzles are fantastic, especially the ones that are the best ones, which is all of them.

Seriously, look: isn’t this enticing?

Join us on August 21 – you won’t regret it!

Lollapuzzoola sales are off and running!

We publicly announced Lollapuzzoola 14 today (taking place on Saturday, August 21, 2021), and tickets are going like crazy. Thank you, friends and fans, for keeping us in your summer crossword-y plans!

We’ll keep updating the pages with all the latest information, so check in with us from time to time – or find us on social media (we’re on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook).


We’ve just relocated our internet residence to a new WordPress-based website, and truth be told, we don’t (yet) know what we’re doing. So this is all we’ve got for now – a page on Fill Me In (with, hopefully, a list of links to recent episodes), and a page on Lollapuzzoola (with, well, go take a look).

Thanks for stopping by. We’ll do what we can to make this a more enjoyable place to hang out. It’ll probably include sandwiches or something.