Lollapuzzoola will be held on Saturday, August 21 (which is a Saturday in August).

To answer the big question – we will be holding this year’s tournament online. We explored many options, both virtual and live, and ultimately made the decision to remain online for this year.

That said, we are super excited, and we have an amazing set of puzzles of games for you to enjoy this year. Read on to learn about the tournament, how we will operate online, how to buy tickets, and finally, how to register on our website.

About the tournament

  • Five tournament puzzles
  • Championship puzzle with two skill divisions
  • Meta puzzle suite
  • Mini Meta Madness
  • Virtual/Visual puzzle
  • Awards and prizes

How will the day work?

On August 21, there will basically be two websites for you – one is a Twitch stream, where we’ll be emceeing the event, and guiding everyone through the day; the other is for the puzzles themselves, where you’ll solve online via the PuzzleMe interface. Although we don’t yet have the exact schedule for the day, we expect the tournament to begin at approximately 1pm Eastern Time.

Who is making the puzzles?

We’re assembling a rock star team of puzzle makers … but we’re not quite ready to announce that roster. Your hosts for the tournament this year are Brian Cimmet, Brooke Husic, and Sid Sivakumar.

How do I buy tickets?

To purchase a ticket, choose from the three options below. Solo and Pairs tickets are for folks who will join the festivities live on August 21, and the Next Day Division is for anyone who just wants to solve some crosswords after the tournament is over. (For Pairs players – you only need to buy one ticket for the two of you.)

Virtual Tournament Tickets

Wait – one more thing!

Once you’ve bought that ticket, you’ll need to come back here to actually register for this website – without that, you won’t be able to see the puzzles at the tournament. If you want, you can open that window a new tab now.

Thanks for joining us for our virtual tournament this summer … see you then!