Lollapuzzoola 2021

Lollapuzzoola was held on Saturday, August 21 (which was a Saturday in August).

(If you’re here searching for information about the 2022 tournament … come back soon, we’ll be updating with new info shortly.)

The actual tournament is over, but we’re still offering the puzzles via download — click this big blue button that says “BUY NOW.” You’ll get links to PUZ and PDF editions of the entire tournament!

About the puzzles

This year’s tournament consisted of:

  • Five tournament puzzles (included in the download option!)
  • Championship puzzle with two skill divisions (included in the download option!)
  • Meta puzzle suite (included in the download option!)
  • Mini Meta Madness (included in the download option!)
  • Group Game (sadly not included)
  • Awards and prizes (sadly not included)

Who made the puzzles?

The six main tournament puzzles are being constructed by Brooke Husic, Wyna Liu, Amanda Rafkin, Sid Sivakumar, Patti Varol, and Robyn Weintraub. WE KNOW! THEY’RE ALL AMAZING! Read more about them here.

We also had contributions from David Gold and Paolo Pasco (the Lollapuzz2la puzzle suite), Nam Jin Yoon (the tiebreaker puzzle), and the roster of Alina Abidi, Alex Briñas, Becca Gorman, Soleil Saint-Cyr, Margaret Seikel, Prityanka Sethy, Ann Shan, Nina Sloan, Kyra Wilson, and Erica Hsiung Wojcik (the Mini Meta).

Thanks for joining us for our virtual tournament this summer! And mark your calendars for August 27, 2022 – which we believe may be another Saturday in August!