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If you wound up on this site and you’re thinking, “what am I doing here?” — we can help you.

You’re probably here because you’ve heard about Lollapuzzoola, the greatest summertime crossword tournament ever held annually on a Saturday in August. The latest version happened on Saturday, August 19, 2023. The actual event is over, but you can still get the puzzles! And if you want to reach out to the Lollapuzzoola folks, email them at lolla@bemoresmarter.com.

You might be here because you’re curious about Fill Me In, which is a weekly podcast (mostly) (somewhat) about crosswords. It’s hosted by Brian Cimmet and Ryan Hecht. You can listen to it on this site, though sometimes the page freezes up. You can also listen to it on Apple Podcasts, or other places you find podcasts. If you want to reach out to the Fill Me In folks, email them at fmi@bemoresmarter.com.

We don’t actually do anything else except these two things.

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Co-everything of "Fill Me In" and "Lollapuzzoola"

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